Customized Enterprise DevOps on your infrastructure

Travis CI Enterprise is quick to set up, costs less and saves you time when compared to other enterprise CI products.

Book some time with our engineers to see how a customized Travis CI Enterprise platform will benefit you!

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The platform your team knows and loves, on your infrastructure

Travis​​ CI ​​was​​ created ​​to​​ help ​​improve ​​open-source​​ software. Our ​​goal ​​has ​​since ​​grown ​​to ​​make ​​it ​​easy ​​for ​​all ​​developers​​ to set up ​​and ​​configure​​ continuous ​​integration.​​ Over​​ 300,000​​ open source ​​projects ​​are ​​using ​​Travis​​ CI ​​today,​​ such​​ as​​ Ruby​​ on ​​Rails, Ember.js,​​ Sentry,​​ Puppet,​​ and ​​Logstash

  • Easy configuration

    Your build configuration is just as important as your code. That’s why it’s committed to your repository, and we fetch it when needed.

  • Isolated builds

    All of your builds are run in an isolated container that offers a fresh build environment with every commit. 

  • Scales to your needs

    Your team has the flexibility to spin up as much build capacity as needed. If it’s a busy week before a production release, just start up some more capacity and let your team test to their heart's content. 

  • High availability

    Your continuous integration system is just as critical as your GitHub Enterprise. Travis CI Enterprise can run in a multi-node setup behind a load balancer, providing safety from hardware failures. 

  • Great support

    Our team is fluent in a range of languages and tools. As an added bonus, we are also experienced with GitHub Enterprise. 

  • No more "build person"

    Maintaining your repositories builds should be everyone's job, not just one person. Travis CI makes the infrastructure and configuration a team responsibility 

Why​​ choose Travis CI ​​Enterprise ​​over ​​

  • GitHub ​​Enterprise

    • Use your GitHub Enterprise install
    • Leverage your existing LDAP or SAML with no additional configuration
  • Regulation requirements

    • Full ownership and control of your data
    • Meet the security requirements of your company
  • Your infrastructure

    • Cloud or on-premises environment
    • AWS, Google Compute Engine, VMware, OpenStack and Azure

Interested in finding out more? Book some time in with our engineers!

Making a decision on a business-critical tool like CI/CD isn't an easy one - that's why we're happy to discuss all of your goals, pain points and concerns and set you up with a free trial of Travis CI Enterprise to see you it can help your team and organization achieve success. Pop your details in the form below, and we'll be happy to connect!

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